I set myself goals every week to have at least one adventure (big or small). I think it’s so important to get out of your routine and explore a new location, experience how close you can get to your physical limits or just get out of your comfort zone by trying a new food. I think this is what life is all about. You have your routine every day – every week – but what you truly remember are new unique things. Yes, it maybe scary at times – but mostly the reward is true inner happiness that will last forever. I’m very active and don’t like to sit around on the weekends. I usually get up at 6am and will be back home by 8pm. I’m lucky to live in sunny California where I can get outside every day. I love lots of different activities like tennis, beach volleyball, stand up paddle board, running, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, road biking, swimming, boot camp (outside) – everything where I get to move! This is not in order – so the hardest part for me is to choose which I activity I decide on for the day.