Hi, I’m Rommy, born and raised in Germany and living my dream in Southern California, USA. I started this blog for several reasons: I want to inspire other people to live a healthy, active lifestyle, to travel as much as you can and to believe in your dreams and living your own true self.


DREAM: I grew up in Germany and always wanted to live in the USA esp. California. After graduating college, I had the opportunity to start working for Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. My boyfriend (now husband) and I took the chance and moved to the US when we were 23years with just a suitcase. Once we lived in the US we knew that we truly feel home here. We went to a lot of struggles with visas, lawyers, paperwork, money and sacrifice to finally live in California for good. We had a lot of nay-sayers along the way that it is not possible, esp. if you’re not married to an American to immigrate in this country. We didn’t give up and never stopped believing in our dream. This is the biggest lesson of my life and I want everyone to believe in themselves. It may be difficult living in a small town where you don’t get exposed to ways of realizing your dreams, but if you don’t give up you will find a way.

LAUGH: Generally I’m a happy person. I do want to believe that most people are kind and believe in the saying you should treat the people how you want to be treated. I often had situations in life where someone was grumpy towards me and I stayed positive and smiling, and they changed their attitude because of it. Also I try to make random people happy by giving them compliments or simply saying Thank You. It doesn’t take much effort but goes along way. I like to laugh. Lucky me – my husband makes me laugh every day. He has a way of pointing out little things that I do wrong in such a funny way that it makes me want to be a better wife and laugh at the same time about it. It’s important to laugh every day and to find joy in little things.

EXPLORE: Travel and Adventure is another important part of my life and also of this blog. Sometimes you get set in your routine or your used to your daily schedule, but it’s important to change it up – it can be small like going for a longer run than usual one day and get to your physical limits or a bigger goal to travel to a new destination that you have never been to (doesn’t have to be expensive, you can be a tourist in your own city for a day). Having such experiences will give you true happiness and understand what life is truly about.

HEALTH: As I mentioned, another reason of this blog is to inspire people to be healthy and active. I grew up with being sick a lot and having many different allergies and asthma. By changing my diet to a mainly plant based – dairy & sugar free – diet, my body reverted itself in being strong & healthy. I still can’t believe that I’m 100% allergy and asthma free after nurturing my body with clean food. It’s truly a miracle that I wouldn’t have believed if someone told me.  I’m happy and thankful every day. Therefore I need to share my experience – food is medicine! You just have to be patient as you won’t see changes overnight, but set yourself small goals each week, and your new diet will become a habit. I will share recipes and ideas on this blog for simple, quick but healthy meals that you can easily add to your lifestyle.