I love to travel. I was always drawn to see other countries, learning about different cultures and meeting people from all over the world. I choose a career in travel which supports my passion and luckily I get to experience different hotels and activities all over the US. I have to admit therefore I’m kind of spoilt when it comes to hotels and have high expectations when traveling. That doesn’t mean that I only travel to luxurious resorts – I love a backpacking trip as much as a stay at a hotel. One of my favorite trips was our roadtrip from Orlando to Los Angeles– traveling over 2500 miles in a moving truck in one week. Getting to know the different states that we passed through and taking the time to discover something unique in each state, is a memory that will last forever. I love taking pictures, as it brings me back to the feeling and happiness I felt in that moment. Travel experiences always have more value to me than any gift could buy (unless it’s a new mountain bike or CANON camera to further enhance my travel/adventure experienceJ). In this part of the blog I want to focus on sharing my travel experiences and recommendations for trips and hotels / activities.